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 2023 Sustainability Summit

The Ninth Annual Sustainability Summit was a live event from 9:00am-3:30pm on Friday, January 27 at the University of South Alabama. 

The Alabama Coastal Foundation (ACF) is a non-partisan, nonprofit organization with a mission to improve and protect Alabama’s coastal environment through cooperation, education, and participation. One of our initiatives is the Green Coast Council (GCC), a forum for business and industry leaders who practice and promote environmental sustainability principles. Each year, the GCC convenes a Sustainability Summit to encourage people in the private, public, and social sectors to understand the economic and environmental benefits of using sustainable practices.

This Year's Summit: 

Each summit presentation supported the theme Strength in Partnerships: Collaborating for a Sustainable Future. The best way we can increase our resilience to the climate crisis is by building and maintaining strong partnerships across disciplines. Presentations included examples of collaboration along with the benefits it has on our environment. All presentations included actionable items that exhibit collaboration across communities, businesses, educational institutions, or any other groups across public, private, or local sectors. 

Session Topic Categories
• Sustainable Development

• Government/Business Initiatives

• Waste/Recycling



• Community Organizing

• Ecological Restoration/Climate


Questions? Please contact ACF Coastal Relations Coordinator Kristine Alford: OR (251) 990-6002.

We thank our 2023 Sustainability Summit Sponsors!

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