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ACF and Bellator Partnership

The Alabama Coastal Foundation is delighted to announce a new partnership with Bellator Real Estate and Development: Their Agent Advisory Committee selected ACF to be a part of Bellator's P.A.C. campaign - Preserving Alabama's Coast! Agents and clients can choose from one of four giving options to be added to your office's fundraising goal and our overall goal to raise $25,000. You can donate once or as many times as you like!

Bellator's P.A.C. campaign runs from August 15 until July 31, 2024, and funding will support the following activities in both Mobile and Baldwin Counties:

  • Education programs for school children like Bay Buddies and Coastal Kids Quiz.

  • Workdays to help with cleanups and tree plantings.

  • Conservation programs such as Share the Beach sea turtle monitoring & oyster shell recycling to protect the habitat.

  • Eco-tourism initiatives like establishing Alabama's Underwater Forest as a National Marine Sanctuary. 

Thank you for being a part of Bellator and giving back to your community! Bellator - More than Real Estate.

Four* Ways to Give







Mail a check to: 
PO Box 1073
Mobile, AL 36633

*Whichever option you choose, write your Bellator office location in the note field.

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2022 Amanda Spears & Kate Irvine.png

2022 Coastal Clean-up 
Bellator Agents Amanda Spears (left) and Kate Irvine (right) 

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