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10 Things you can do for a trash free sea:

34th Alabama Coastal Cleanup

The 2021 Alabama Coastal Cleanup will take place on Saturday, September 18


ACF encourages high school students in Mobile and Baldwin counties to earn valuable service hours while cleaning up our coast! Visit the cleanup's website and pick a zone to help with that day.  The event takes place from 8:00 a.m. to noon and all needed materials will be on site.

Thank you to everyone who plans to show their support and concern for Alabama's waterways by participating in the 34nd Annual Alabama Coastal Cleanup!



Here are a few safety tips to help "Get the Trash out of the Splash!"

  • Drink plenty of fluids!

  • Bring sunscreen, a hat and wear comfortable shoes.

  • An adult should supervise children at all times.

  • Be careful near sand dunes and other fragile ecosystems.

  • DO NOT attempt to remove dangerous or heavy items yourself. Mark the location and report back to the zone captain for proper disposal.


About Alabama Coastal Cleanup:
Volunteers over the past two dozen years have removed all kinds of unusual debris from shorelines throughout Mobile and Baldwin counties.  Items have included enough ruined furniture, home appliances, computers and laptops to completely equip a house or office.  

According to Kara Lankford, veteran Zone Captain and local Audubon Society Representative, there is no end to the variety of items found during the cleanup.  “Ocean trash ranks as one of the most serious pollution problems of our time, affecting the health of people, wildlife and economies.  I would recommend the Alabama Coastal Cleanup to anyone looking to give something back to their surrounding environment.”


Involved citizens, school groups, businesses and clubs walk or boat in 31 different zones. They pick up what they find and record the data which is submitted to The Ocean Conservancy to track what is getting into our oceans.  The information is used for education on the source of the debris and our behaviors as a society.


For more information, please click here to visit the official Alabama Coastal Cleanup website

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