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Each year, just as endangered sea turtles make their way to the white-sand beaches of Alabama’s shoreline to nest, hundreds of volunteers gear up for another season of Share the Beach activities! Alabama's sea turtle nesting and hatching season runs from May through October and this is the place for you to learn more about those amazing creatures and how you can help!

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with the Alabama Coastal Foundation's Share the Beach program. We have enough new volunteers this season, but hope you will consider volunteering next year! We encourage you to tour this web site to learn about our other work and to sign up to receive our free updates.

The objectives of the Alabama Coastal Foundation's Share the Beach program are:

  • To mitigate human-related impacts to sea turtles, especially the effects of artificial light pollution;

  • To monitor sea turtle nests and hatchlings on the Alabama Gulf Coast; and,

  • To promote the conservation of sea turtles in Alabama through public outreach and education.


Share the Beach was formed in 2005 by the Friends of the Bon Secour Wildlife Refuge in Gulf Shores. In 2018, the Friends Group and ACF announced that we would be the new home for Share the Beach! This program follows protocols set forth by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service under the federal endangered species recovery permit. Volunteers can help protect the nesting sea turtles and their habitat under these guidelines.


Share the Beach volunteers patrol the beach, educate the public and school groups, conduct late-night nest observations, and assist with supply and equipment preparations. The dedicated volunteers of the Share the Beach program help ensure the support and protection of these popular endangered ocean creatures when they are just tiny turtles beginning their journey.


We ask that you take the time to learn more about our little marine friends, and how you can recognize their nests, increase their chances of survival, and support the volunteers who Share the Beach with them each year.  


For Adopt-a-Nest Sponsorships options, click our Donate button and go to the bottom of the page:


Alabama Sea Turtle Hotline:

1-866-Sea-Turtle (1-866-732-8878)

Share the Beach Director: Sara Johnson

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