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Welcome to the Alabama Coastal Foundation's newest program: Coastal IQ! While originally planned as an in-person "trivia night" activity at bars, breweries, and other establishments, we retooled the program during the COVID-19 pandemic to give adults a fun and safe diversion in the comfort of your homes! 

ACF created twelve topic series each with three levels: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. To help you learn, every question comes with a hint option and you can test yourself as many times as you would like until you get 100% correct to move on the next level. We combine text and graphics to make expanding your coastal knowledge fun and engaging! If you like this, please take a moment to tell others about our new resource so more people want to improve and protect Alabama's precious coastal environment!

NEW TO ACF?  Please click the button to the right so receive the links to our past Coastal IQ quizzes on Watersheds/Wetlands, Turtles/Tortoises, Seagrasses/Plants/Trees, Bayous/Bays/Coves, Invasive Species, Weather/Climate, Recycling, Water/Wastewater/Stormwater, Coastal Birds, Ports/Vessels, Fisheries, and Lagniappe:

If you have any fun facts about Alabama's coastal environment that you would like to be included in future quizzes or have suggestions on how we can improve the Coastal IQ program, please send an email to since we are a learning organization!

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