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Utilities United

Utilities United officially launched in 2019 and meets once every other month. The goal of Utilities United is to educate the public about the importance of our local environment and what people can do to help keep it healthy. Our focus areas are water, wastewater, and stormwater. 



Utilities United is a program ACF leads as part of the Create a Clean Water Future Campaign. We are honored to have every utility in both of our coastal counties participate in Utilities United. Please find your utility below and learn more about how we are making a Clean Water Future!


Every two months our Utilities United program comes together to educate you about a specific environmental concern.

So far we have covered:

  • Understanding FOGs: Fats, Oils, and Grease. Please take a moment to click through the items on the side bar and then test your knowledge with the short quiz at the bottom!

  • "Wipe and Toss": The Not So Flushable Wipe: Please remember, if it is not toilet paper or human waste, do no flush it down your toilet!

  • Improving Lawn Care Habits: Click though the side bar to learn more about ways you can maintain a beautiful yard while protecting our water quality and environmental health!

  • Stormwater Impacts To Our Wastewater Treatment Plants: heavy rainfall events can bring an excess of pathogens and high flow through WTPs. Often more than they have the capacity to handle. Visit some of the links to the right to learn more about how to protect our water quality and public health by supporting WTP infrastructure.


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You can also learn more about our precious coastal environment by watching our osprey live video feed, looking at our sea oat project,  and reading our newsletter!

If you are interested in becoming a utility operator and want to get a glimpse into the microbiology behind it all, click here to view a slideshow and here for a brief outline of the presentation. If you would like to connect with the author of this slide contact James Morris , Manager at the Gulf Shores Water Reclamation Facility, for more information:

Water and Wastewater Statistics for Coastal Alabama Utilities

MGD = Millions Gallons per Day. | N/A = Not Applicable.

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