Our mission is to improve and protect Alabama's coastal environment through cooperation, education, and participation.

Since 1993, the Alabama Coastal Foundation (ACF) has worked to create a healthy balance between the conservation needs of our priceless coastal resources and the inevitable pressures of economic growth. We encourage responsible citizen action and offer opportunities for individuals to play a vital role in preserving the environment and our coastal way of life.

We accomplish our mission by providing reliable, well-researched data, promoting public dialogue, and advocating community action.

The ACF seeks to establish common ground amongst government sectors, local business, major industry, grassroots groups and individual citizens.  This enables us to work together in addressing coastal conservation issues. We are committed to addressing priority environmental issues throughout the region to preserve and protect our coastal way of life.​  We all have the ability and responsibility to preserve our coastal way of life.

Every ACF program advocates personal and corporate responsibility and action. By fostering trust in both business and environmental communities, we have gained support that allows us to have a positive, long-term impact on our environmental health. We are dedicated to partnering with businesses, government, and other non-profits to maximize resources and results. By connecting diverse stakeholders, we believe we can find innovative solutions to the environmental challenges we face in Alabama.  

The Alabama Coastal Foundation gives members hands-on opportunities to volunteer and experience the coast.  We use an education-based approach to conservation: to find a solution, you must first understand the problem! Through our programming,we connect to students and our communities in order to inform and inspire future generations of leaders. This educational approach is the key to inspiring actions that will protect the long-term health of Alabama's natural resources.  

We value your ideas, energy, and commitment to support the work of the Alabama Coastal Foundation as we help everyone connect to their coast. ​For a more comprehensive understanding of our organizational goals and recent progress, we invite you to view both our latest Annual Report and our Five Year Strategic Plan


Alabama Coastal Foundation

Since 1993, the Alabama Coastal Foundation (ACF) has worked to promote a culture where environmental decisions are based on an accurate understanding of the underlying science, the dissemination of factual information, and the engagement of government, industry and citizens to find solutions to Alabama's coastal environmental challenges. We bring that vision into reality through our inclusive environmental stewardship approach.


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All ACF programs exist through the generous support of our members and donors.  If you have questions, comments, or concerns about our organization, please let us know!


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