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In Spring/Summer of 2016 and 2017 , NASA DEVELOP used NASA's Earth Observations to research marsh health, marsh extent, and urbanization in Mobile and Baldwin Counties, and monitored water quality in the Mobile Bay and Mississippi Sound. The coastal marsh lands and submerged aquatic seagrass beds of Southern Alabama have decreased in extent over the past few decades. Disturbance factors such as expanding urban land use and saltwater intrusion are increasingly threatening these areas. In addition, The Mobile Bay and Mississippi Sound have historically provided vital habitat for a diverse array of wildlife
species, including Eastern oysters and West Indian manatees. 


The Alabama Coastal Foundation (ACF) is conducting work to help restore and conserve such marsh ecosystems, which offer vital habitat to multiple wildlife species of concern. By highlighting areas of decreasing marsh health and mapping predicted marsh extent, the ACF and partner organizations can develop more informed decision making plans and focus funding efforts to help achieve restoration and conservation goals. Program partners included the Mobile County Health Department, the Alabama Coastal Foundation, and the Dauphin Island Sea Lab. 


To access all of the 2016 project files, please click here.


To access all of the 2017 project files, please click here. 




NASA DEVELOP Spring 2016 Video

NASA DEVELOP Summer 2016 Video

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