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Share the Beach Sea Turtle Lighting Retrofit Seal of Approval Service


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Background: The Alabama Coastal Foundation (ACF) is a non-partisan, nonprofit organization operating for over 26 years with the mission to improve and protect Alabama's coastal environment through cooperation, education, and participation. Share the Beach has been Alabama's sea turtle conservation program for over 17 years. In 2018, ACF was approached by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation to create a sea turtle lighting retrofit pilot project to help private landowners navigate the complex process of changing their lights to ones that are more sea turtle friendly.


Why should my condominium change our lights?

  • It is the right thing to do to have lights that are both effective for human safety and does not have a negative impact on sea turtles (as well as other animals).

  • It’s the law. All sea turtle species in the state are protected under the Endangered Species Act of 1973. Having lights that disorient turtles is a violation of that Act and could result in fines of up to $25,000 per nesting turtle or hatchling.  

  • It is a good time. Technology has improved greatly over the past two decades, and there are more options from which to find a good and affordable solutions.

  • Local people and tourists see the connection between why people spend their time and financial resources in Alabama's coastal environment!


Why should my condominium select ACF's service?

  • The Alabama Coastal Foundation has been in operation as a non-partisan, nonprofit organization for over 26 years and is the home of Share the Beach, Alabama's Sea Turtle Conservation program.

  • Since we are a non-profit, we are covering the cost to do the important work.

  • Our flat rate does not come with any hidden fees or mark-ups. Since we have an inclusive environmental stewardship approach, we will get you the best priced local and non-local options that have both human safety and turtle protection in mind.

  • Have trained, local staff doing the work with an excellent track record of satisfied clients. (References available upon request.)


What does your service cover?

  • Schedule a meeting with your condo leadership and/or management company to help answer questions about this process.

  • Conduct day and night evaluations to identify and inventory all lighting and light sources on your property, documenting—including photos—the number and location of every fixture and the foot candle measurements from three positions on the beach.

  • Work with lighting specialists to determine the best lighting solutions for your property and work with the US Fish and Wildlife Service to ensure that all of the options are in compliance before decisions are made.

  • Define completion timelines, and if necessary, break down major lighting plans into phases to be implemented.

  • Educational materials for every condo unit.

  • After implemented, follow up lighting assessments and education materials.


How does my condo request ACF's Sea Turtle Lighting Retrofit Services?

Questions? Please call (251-990-6002) or email ACF Executive Director: Mark Berte

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