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By providing factual information and fostering trust between business, government, and environmental leaders, ACF has gained support that allows us to have a positive, long-term impact on our region's environmental health.


Alabama's widely interconnected water systems demonstrate the natural linkages in our coastal ecosystem; the health of each tributary contributes to the overall health of the system.  In the same way, each individual living in an area of coastal Alabama is linked to this ecosystem and has the responsibility and privilege of protecting and restoring their natural, home environment. 

The Alabama Coastal Foundation sees interconnection as a vital part of both our nature and our organizational framework; thus, 'cooperation' is a key component of our vision.  It takes a diverse array of hands and minds to care for such an intricate and interconnected world. 

As a non-partisan organization, we seek to promote inclusive, effective ways to incorporate each person's shared restoration efforts and conservation endeavors. 

We do this through a variety of events, from our annual fall and spring membership events to our statewide outreach gatherings.  To find out more about our most current outreach opportunities and gatherings, visit the pages listed below.


"We all have the ability and responsibility to preserve our coastal way of life."

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