Gulf Coast Bay Buddy - Teacher Resources

The Gulf Coast Bay Buddy Program is a FREE educational enrichment program that teaches basic conservation concepts to students in grades K-​4.


Bay Buddy presentations are held in the classroom, and are intended to complement teaching lessons and provide students with the opportunity to interact with environmental role models in the classroom.  


To supplement the Gulf Coast Bay Buddy program, the Alabama Coastal Foundation has provided additional resources for teachers to use in their classrooms.  These resources can be utilized by teachers and parents looking for a fun way to teach the science portion of their curriculum.  These fun lessons connect students to their coast and local, environmental issues and remain in compliance with state objectives.  In this way, students build the foundation to understand regional conservation issues while teachers are able to take advantage of diverse, interactive resources that bring lessons to life.


All educational materials meet state course objectives by grade, making it easy to ensure that students are getting the caliber of knowledge necessary to help create environmentally responsible citizens through education. 


To request a Bay Buddy presentation at your school, click HERE.


To download the Teacher Resource Packet, click HERE.


To access the Grades 3-4 interactive prezis, click HERE.


Third Grade Teachers: Please click here to access Osprey Lesson Plans


Interested in finding out more about resources we offer and how to access them?  Check out the presentations below! 

  • Be sure to click "start prezi" and then hit the button for "fullscreen" in the bottom right corner for optimal experience. 

  • To navigate through the prezi, use the right (forward) and left (backward) arrow keys on your keyboard. 

  • At the end of each prezi, a small screen will appear over the main screen which gives you the option to share the presentation view social media or email, as well as a link to do so.  Please share these resources with coworkers, friends, and family who may be interested!  Our vision is that everyone has the opportunity to connect to their coast!


If you have ideas or suggestions for these presentations, let us know!  Email us at and one of our staff members will be in touch.

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