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Grease Recycling Locations in Coastal Alabama


As we know, fats, oils, and grease (FOGs) can significantly clog drains creating sewerline catastrophes. Did you know grease is the cause of approximately 47% of blocked sewage overflows in the United States each year? To prevent this, you can recycle the cooking oil which can be used as a biofuel in its next life! In the map below, there are pins designating Used Oil Recycling Stations throughout coastal Alabama. Note these locations only accept cooking oil. 



Blue pins= only grease recycling; Green pins= grease recycling and free containers available

To recycle grease, the process is simple. After letting cooking oil cool, it should be poured into a clean, glass or plastic container with a properly fitting lid. You can use a free grease recycling container found at most of the designated Used Oil Recycling Stations; the container the oil originally came in; or any other clean, plastic container that is convenient. After the oil is collected, it should be taken to a Used Oil Recycling Station.


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