Tree & Marsh Grass Plantings

To maintain our coastal environment it is crucial to preserve and protect the balance of our coastal ecosystem.  We recognize that balance as being dependent on sustainable habitats for the many different terrestrial, aerial and aquatic species that dwell along our coastal environments. ACF actively restores these habitats through tree and marsh grass plantings throughout our coastal region.

Tree planting preserves our coastal resources by holding topsoil in place and preventing erosion due to winds and heavy storms.  Additionally, they provide habitats valuable to a number of birds, animals, and insects native to our Gulf region.  Trees also improve air quality, temperature, and impact quality of life overall.  Marsh grasses preserve our coast by reducing erosion along the shoreline and providing habitats to various marine species that dwell in proximity to these locations.

According to a report recently released by Restore America's Estuaries, American Sportfishing Association and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, over 75% of our nations commercial fish catch and 80-90% of our recreational catch depend on these key estuary habitats at some point in their life cycle. These marsh grasses are also the main nursery for many different species- without them our fish and shrimp wouldn't have a home to grow up in!

On September 22, 2018 ACF partnered with the Dog River Clearwater Revival to plant bald cypress trees and groundsel shrubs in the Dog River area thanks to funding through Restore America's Estuaries. A group of volunteers met at Dog River Park then dispersed to plant vegetation along the river. Additionally, trees were provided to local residents for planting on their properties. These trees and shrubs continue to be monitored and assessed.

To view pictures from this planting, click HERE.

Since 1993, the Alabama Coastal Foundation (ACF) has worked to promote a culture where environmental decisions are based on an accurate understanding of the underlying science, the dissemination of factual information, and the engagement of government, industry and citizens to find solutions to Alabama's coastal environmental challenges. We bring that vision into reality through our inclusive environmental stewardship approach.

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