Friends in Low Places Collaboration Beer

The Alabama Coastal Foundation is honored to be the charitable cause behind the collaboration beer "Friends in Low Places" New England Style IPA! The following breweries in lower Alabama came together to make it happen: Big Beach, Braided River, Fairhope, Iron Hand, and  Old Majestic






Brew Day
Brewers from the participating breweries came together in October to give their input and participate in the making of beer, aptly named "Friends in Low Places". Hops from all over the world were used throughout the fermentation process to create the New England-style India Pale Ale resulting in a brew that is more juicy than bitter.


Beer Release Party

To celebrate, we had a beer release party at Bluegill Restaurant on Thursday, September 26th and $1 was donated to ACF for every purchase of "Friends in Low Places"!


Where can I purchase "Friends in Low Places" (FILP) IPA?

After the release party, you can purchase draft and limited edition 16 oz. four pack cans of FILP at the following locations throughout Mobile and Baldwin County and soon to be other parts of the state:



— Fairhope Brewing

— Iron Hand Brewing

— Rotolos Orange Beach

— Anchor Bar in Orange Beach

— Moe's Original BBQ in Foley

— Page and Pallette in Fairhope

— Texarbama in Fairhope

— Luna's Eats & Drinks 

— Haberdasher Mobile

— Blues Burgers at The Fort

4 pack of 16oz cans

— Fairhope Brewing 

— Maggie’s in Orange Beach 

— Cottage Hill Package in Mobile 

— Fairhope Piggly Wiggly

— Foley Piggly Wiggly

— Rouses (all over)

—Ship and Shore Dauphin Island