Alabama's Pitcher Plant Bogs

​Thank you for your interest in pitcher plants which eat insects that reside in warm, moist habitats like Alabama! The carnivorous plant uses the scent of its nectar to attract, trap, and then consume insects. Alabama's pitcher plant bogs are some of the most ecologically diverse habitats for flowering plants in North America. Also, there are various species that only grow in our state, such as the Alabama Canebrake. To learn more about our pitcher plant bogs, please attend the World Premiere of Ben Raines' newest documentary, The Carnivorous Kingdom

World Premiere of The Carnivorous Kingdom
Monday, August 22 @ the Saenger Theatre 
6 South Joachim Street, Mobile 36602
5:00 Doors open with complimentary popcorn and beverages.
5:30 Film screening begins.
6:30 Q/A with director + bonus Clotilda update.
7:00 Event concludes.
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